Spectra Laser Peel

Hollywood Laser Peel From Spectra

August 2017

Painless, glowing-skin, and no-downtime procedure! The Hollywood Laser Peel is a non-ablative treatment that reduces fine lines, acne scarring, and creates a flawless complexion that doesn’t require makeup for that special event you’re getting ready for!

“I had a Hollywood Laser Peel treatment. The next day, my face felt really smooth and was very radiant. The Spectra laser has done what my facialist has been trying to do for months – it removed all my clogged pores - in 10 minutes to boot! The results were so obvious that I received at least five compliments from people about my glowing complexion. Wow, I am a laser convert!!” says Hollywood Laser Peel treatment client.

With reviews like this from clients its no wonder that this treatment is rapidly becoming the hot new trend in the industry! This process only takes 30 minutes, which allows even the busiest client to come in, receive the treatment, and then immediately resume their activities. With it’s ability to target melanin in the cells to break it apart for your body to naturally remove, and stimulate collagen production celebrities are frequently seeking this treatment to keep their skin smooth and youthful for red carpet events!

To learn even more about this amazing treatment for glowing and softer skin check out the Spectra site here!


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