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Even More on Spectra's Hollywood Laser Peel!

October 2017

Hollywood Laser Peel

Instantly create a radiant appearance with no pain and no downtime with the latest Hollywood Laser Peel. This incredible treatment, also known as Spectra, has been receiving rave reviews for treating several skin issues such as acne scars, tattoo removal, epidermal nevi, melisma, non-ablative resurfacing, pigmented and vascular lesions, and more! It’s high demand and popularity with celebrities as they prepare to walk down the red carpet is how this amazing treatment received its name.

With four Q-switched mode wavelengths this robust Spectra has the power and versatility to provide a wide range of treatments for all. See the video here for more details and even real life before ad after images to get a glimpse at how the Hollywood Laser Peel can work for you.

Click Here For The Spectra Info Video


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