OxyGeno Capsugen

OxyGeneo Super Facial

May 2018


The time has finally come to give your skin the full treatment it deserves. The OxyGeneo Super Facial is not only a fast and simple treatment, but provides amazing results including evening texture throughout the skin, nourish the complexion, and improves overall skin tone.

How does this super facial work though and what exactly makes it so super? For the OxyGeneo Facial, three major steps are taken to treat your skin.

Exfoliation: Here the outer skin layer has the dead cells removed from the surface to prepare the skin for the nutrients it will later absorb.

Infusion: Next the patented Capsugen capsule and nutrient rich gels are applied and create a chemical reaction that creates small CO2 bubbles that will gently burst on the skin’s surface, allowing the skin to more readily and easily infuse with the essential nutrients provided.

Oxygenation: Because of the CO2 bubbles formed from the Infusion, oxygen-rich blood now naturally begins to flow and metabolize essential skin nutrients in the skin.

Is this treatment invasive at all though or takes a long period of time? Not at all! This super facial is fast and needs no injections or any surgical methods applied. With such an effortless way to start rejuvenating the skin, it’s easy to see how the OxyGeneo Super Facial got its name! To see long term results with the facial, a treatment series may need to be scheduled so feel free to ask any questions and call now to make your appointment and start caring for your skin now!

To read up on even more information on this new skincare treatment feel free to visit OxyGeneo’s site here!



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