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January 1, 2024

Introducing our FIRST EVER wrinkle relaxer annual membership

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You asked, we answered!

Introducing our FIRST EVER wrinkle relaxer annual membership, “The Glow Up!” Stay wrinkle free all year long and keep your bank account happy when you become a member!

Pay an initial and annual fee of $400, (same as you normally would for 40 units of wrinkle relaxer) and then a monthly fee of $100 on autopay. 40 units of Jueveau or Xeomin (your choice!) will be loaded in your bank when it comes time for your next wrinkle relaxer treatment (every 3 months)! 

BUT, we also know our clients also love their lip pops, gummy smile and bunny line treatments, and jawline enhacement, so these additional units will be available to members ONLY at a discounted rate of $9 per unit. 

We aren’t done though! Members will also get 10% off skincare treatments (not including products) quarterly including lasers, peels, microneedling, and facials.

Lets see how this typically goes in real life: you come in and get your first wrinkle relaxer treatment and get 40 units to cover your crows, 11’s, and forehead lines and pay $400 at checkout. You LOVE your results but can’t swing $400 every 3 months to keep up with it (or maybe your significant other gives you grief for it HAHA), so instead you decide to come in once a year before big events or vacations when you want to look extra snatched. BUT this leaves you wrinkly for the remainder of the year 🙁You come in before the next big event, and we are starting again from square one.

BUT with the membership, you save money on your toxin treatments, have less wrinkles, and don’t get sticker shock of $400+ each time you come in. If you’d like to try a skincare treatment, you can do it ON THE SAME DAY as your wrinkle relaxer appointment. You can you can try a hydrafacial for dry dull skin, microneedling for tightening or acne scars, laser for resurfacing or pigmentation, or peell to further enhance your skin with a 10% discount! For suggestions on skincare services that would fit your needs, talk to Dawn, Haley, or Jenna

New year, new you babes 

Its about time for your glow up! 


The Team at Enhance Aesthetics