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Plastic Surgery for Men

Gone are the days where plastic surgery is seen as only for women. Today more and more men are opting for cosmetic surgery for their post weight loss, to rejuvenate their face, to get a more chiseled and angular chest and the stomach area that resist diet and exercise.

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Believe it or not, men have breast tissue just like women. But while many women desire larger breasts, this is not the case with men.

There is any number of things that can cause excess breast tissue or gynecomastia in men. These include age, hormones, genetics, and certain drugs/medications.

Gynecomastia can present itself as an abundance of firm, fibrous tissue beneath the nipple, redundant skin, and an excess of fatty tissue.


Liposuction for men targets unwanted fat deposits commonly located in the abdomen, hips or thighs, often resulting in the appearance of unbalanced body proportions.

Through this process, these unwanted fat deposits are broken down and then removed from the body resulting in a smoother, flatter more sculpted appearance.


Sagging or droopy eyes or brows can cause a tired or sad appearance. Eyelid surgery and brow lift surgery can restore a more, refreshed, and youthful appearance to the eyes, brows, and forehead.

Can you reduce male breast enlargement with weight loss or exercise?

Male breast enlargement is linked to obesity, so losing weight can help. For most, losing weight helps some, but does not make the condition go away.

Exercise can help provide a firmer foundation for the chest, but it will not make gynecomastia go away.

How does male liposuction work?

Once anesthesia is given, very small incisions are made inconspicuously around the targeted areas. Through these small incisions, the superficial and deep fat compartments beneath the skin and around the targeted muscles are sculpted using specialized liposuction techniques.

Special liposuction cannulas are used to precisely remove fat, and fat injections are performed to augment and highlight selective muscles. The end result is a leaner, more ripped physique.

What are the expected results from a facelift?

A facelift smoothens skin and tightens and sculpts the underlying muscles and soft tissues of the face, neck, and jowls. A facelift can make your face appear younger and healthier, and will literally “take years off” your face, although your face will continue to age. It improves the lower half of the face, from the eyes downwards, including the midface, cheeks, jawline, and neck.

A facelift will:

  • Tighten the jowls
  • Define the jawline
  • Lift and fill the cheeks
  • Smooth the neckline
  • Achieve natural looking results
  • Provide long lasting improvement

The result is that you will look more rested, refreshed, and younger, often like you have lost weight. You will still look like yourself, and you will look natural.

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