Your most valuable asset. Your source of expressed emotion. Your face is an important physical feature of yourself. Because it is always exposed to the world, it is the primary means by which a first impression and non-verbal communication is made. For the same reason, your face is always exposed to the elements and thus prone to premature aging.

With time, we begin to see the signs of facial aging with slackening of the jaw and neck line and formation of jowls, all of which result from loss of soft tissue volume, sagging skin, and loss of skin elasticity. By addressing each of these aspects of facial aging, a natural balanced result can be achieved.

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Otoplasty is designed to reshape and improve the appearance of overly large or prominent ears. Protruding or oddly shaped ears can be a source of deep anxiety for children and adults.

Once the ears are fully formed, their appearance will change very little throughout life. Overly large ears can affect the balance of your facial features. Ear deformities can be the result of genetics or injury to the ears.


Our forehead and eyebrows can actually give away our age more than other facial areas.

When fine lines and wrinkles develop on your forehead and between your brows, you may begin to appear chronically angry, sad, or fatigued. This becomes especially frustrating when you don’t feel what your appearance is reflecting.

The position and shape of the brows are dynamic and are an important way we project emotion.


Facelift, also known as Rhytidectomy, is a powerful procedure to rejuvenate the face, especially in the mid- and lower face and neck.

By reshaping the underlying structures of the face and neck, and by removing sagging skin. Results are a . refreshed and more youthful looking YOU, without obvious signs that you have even had surgery.


Rhinoplasty is surgery of the nose that can correct a range of cosmetic and/or functional issues.

This procedure improves the size, shape, and overall appearance of the nose and creates a nose that is in better harmony with the rest of the face. Rhinoplasty can also correct structural defects within the nasal passage that impair breathing.


As the elasticity of the skin and the soft tissue grows weaker, it leads to excess skin and those visible, ropey looking muscle bands that are an instant ager. Some people may also have excess fatty tissue in the neck which can contribute to the appearance of a double chin.

A neck lift is a surgical procedure to lift the sagging muscles, and remove excess skin and fat to restore a long, lean, more defined and youthful looking contour to your neck.

How do you know if you are ready for a facelift?

If a patient is past the point of medical aesthetic enhancements, the next option is surgical expertise. One concern is about the reactions of family and friends and feel guilty about spending on such an indulgence.

A facelift is used to improve the tone of the face. Aging and heredity cause gradual relaxation of the facial tissues. The skin loses elasticity, and gravity accentuates the sagging.There is no ideal age for a facelift.

Will eyelid surgery get rid of my crows feet?

No. Eyelid surgery is not designed to remove the wrinkles at the outer corners of the eyes (crow’s feet) or to fix sagging brows.

There are other procedures available that can be used to remove wrinkles near the eyes, including laser resurfacing, intense pulsed light, and Botox treatments.

What is a neck lift?

A neck lift is a surgical procedure to reduce the look of sagging, excess skin and loose muscles in the neck area and under the jawline. People who complain of a “turkey neck,” neck banding, or a heavy neck can benefit from the procedure.

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